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  • Camera Crew: South LA HEAC Youth Ambassadors (Magali Bravo, Cameron McCaa, Adriana Moreno, Liliana Pineda, Shonette Reed, Laenicia Schmidt, Janell Smith)
  • Produced by Public Matters


In South L.A., supermarkets are scarce. Most residents buy food and beverages from local, independently-owned corner stores. These stores offer plenty of junk food but few healthy food options.

Everyday on her way to school, passing by store after store, HEAC student Magali Bravo sees few healthy choices. She took the initiative, talked to her Padrino, who owns a local market, and worked with the HEAC Team to make-over his market, transforming it into a more health-friendly version of itself.

This video shows that with a little elbow grease and a lot of determination, a neighborhood can grow their healthy food options – one corner store at a time.