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  • Featuring Mary Lee, Attorney + Associate Director, PolicyLink
  • Camera Crew: South LA HEAC Youth Ambassadors (Magali Bravo, Jonathan Contreras, Britanni Marie Dighero, Selma Lozoya, Cameron McCaa, Adriana Moreno, Josue Moreno, Jessica Orellana, Liliana Pineda, Andrea Vazquez)
  • Produced by Public Matters
  • Production Assistance: Arianna Taboada


Mary Lee is a graduate of Boalt Hall School of Law, U.C. Berkeley, and is a practicing attorney with more than 20 years of experience working in communities throughout California, focusing on issues of housing, land use and community economic development and civil rights. She is now affiliated with a national advocacy organization, PolicyLink, as an Associate Director and member of the health team.

In her law practice, Mary has worked extensively with non-profit organizations, particularly in South Los Angeles to revitalize neighborhoods and enhance public participation in the public policy arena. Examples of her projects include strategic revitalization campaigns in the Vermont/Manchester, Hyde Park and Central City East (commonly known as “skid row”) sections of Los Angeles. Mary also has considerable teaching experience at the law school, college and community college level.

She has also served on boards of several community organizations, as a Transportation Commissioner for the City of Los Angeles, as a consultant to the commission elected to reform the Los Angeles City Charter and as a campaign manager for a successful candidate for the Los Angeles City Council.